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ELECTRIC BLUE LEMON is the voice and words of GILES ANDREWS, and the keyboards and music of film and television composer MARK HINTON STEWART.

Giles and Mark have been writing songs for quite some time, and the plan is to put them all here, gradually, on the EBL website, as well as sites such as ReverbNation and SoundCloud. The first set of songs, EBL - ELECTRIC, are given the full production treatment with beats, textures and full on string arrangements. They're moody, atmospheric and truly representative of what EBL is all about. The second set of songs, EBL - ACOUSTIC, are stripped right back with Giles crooning as usual and Mark sticking to the basics and playing just piano.

On the LINKS page, there are links to Facebook, Soundcloud and others, so if you like what we're doing, please subscribe in whatever shape or form so that EBL knows you're out there. That way, you can be kept informed of what's going on, especially when there are any gigs happening where EBL would like your support.

So, click on the MUSIC page and start listening......

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